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No More Ties: 10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Dad This Father’s Day

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No More Ties: 10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Dad This Father’s Day

When it comes to shopping for dads, most of us are probably guilty of committing the cardinal sin of gift giving: resorting to the old standby tie or socks gift.

So that you never have to stoop to that level again, we’ve come up with some great gift ideas for dad that he’s sure to love. Whatever the occasion, be it Christmas, Father’s Day gifts, or something for his birthday, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift ideas for a wide variety of dads.   

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a New Dad or Dad to Be

If you need a gift for a dad to be, there are plenty of thoughtful options. Not only will he love these ideas, but they’ll also tug at his new dad heartstrings. Continue reading below for the definitive gift guide featuring the best and most thoughtful gifts for dad this Father's Day.

Personalized Leather Phone Wallet

A personalized leather phone case and wallet is a great way to tell him you care.

For the classy dad-to-be, this vegan leather phone case is a perfect system for carrying all the things he needs in one place and looking great doing it. The inside slots can hold his credit cards and ID, and the case provides excellent protection for his phone.

Personalized Leather Phone Wallet | phone case

What makes this a truly unique gift is that you can engrave his initials on the front, as well as leave a personalized message on the inside that will take his breath away when he opens it. Consider his heartstrings tugged.  

Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth tracking devices are practical, yet thoughtful, gifts for forgetful dads to be.

The tracker keeps tabs on anything you don’t want to lose—keys, bags, phones, or whatever you’re apt to misplace.

Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth trackers are the perfect Father's Day gift ideas that any new dad will love and appreciate. From picking up their kid from school or going to buy medicine for a sick baby, they'll appreciate the time-saving convenience of not having to search for their missing keys.   

Smart Speaker

If he’s been toying around with the idea of buying a smart speaker, he’ll be excited to receive one.

A voice-activated smart Bluetooth speaker will give him a hand with whatever he needs, from setting timers when he’s cooking to playing music to answering questions (and much more), leaving him free to attend to his dad duties.

Smart Speaker | black speaker

Aside from making calls and reading him the news, many models can also help him manage the house—even if he’s carrying a sleeping baby. Some of their many capabilities include voice control that will allow him to turn on the coffee maker from another room, dim the lights, or regulate the thermostat.

All without having to wake a sleeping baby. Sounds like a win.

Best Gift Ideas for Active Dads

Is your dad a fitness enthusiast? If so, we’ve got some perfect gift ideas for the dad who loves staying healthy.

A New Blender

There’s nothing like a homemade smoothie to help him meet his health and fitness goals. If Dad’s still making expensive twice-weekly Jamba Juice runs, it’s time to invest in a blender to cut down on expenses—and having to deal with long lines at Jamba Juice because who has time for that?

blender | black juicer set

You have plenty of options to choose from but go with something that is low profile and easy to operate. Some models come with an attachable to-go lid so that Dad can take his smoothie with him wherever he goes.

A huge win for his wallet and his health.

Insulated Water Bottle

For the man who’s always hitting the gym, a high-quality water bottle is essential. And since there’s nothing worse than lukewarm water when he’s working up a sweat, you’re going to want to get him an insulated bottle that will keep his water cold.

Insulated Water Bottle | Water bottle set

There’s no shortage of cool water bottles on the market, so make sure whatever you get him holds a good amount of water (at least 21 ounces), has a sports cap for easy drinking in the gym (or wherever), and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours.

Trust us. An insulated water bottle is one gift Dad won’t expect and, after a few weeks, he won’t be able to live without it.

Training Suspension Kit

Anybody who spends time in the gym knows that suspension training is a total game changer, which is why Dad will be thrilled you got him a training suspension kit.

training suspension kit | Gym kit

These kits come with everything he needs to get a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Great for dads who travel a lot or dads who want to get in an effective workout at home, the training suspension kit will be the only piece of equipment he needs.

If the model you choose doesn’t already come with one, consider getting him a workout guide to help get him started.   

Gift Ideas for Dads Who Are Hard to Buy For  

Don’t know what to get Dad? Do you never know what to get Dad? Never fear, we’ve got some thoughtful gifts for dads that are hard to buy for that he’s guaranteed to enjoy. And for extra inspiration, check out our top five gifts for Mr. Impossible.

Portable Phone Charger

If he’s one of those guys who can never text you back because his phone ran out of battery, giving him a way to charge his phone on the go will change his life. Most are hardly bigger than a tube of lipstick and can charge an iPhone various times.

Portable phone charger | phone charger

It’s simple, yet effective, and makes for a great Christmas or Holiday season stocking stuffer. If he's a frequent traveler, look for something that’s super lightweight that he can easily stuff into a carry-on. A portable phone charger is also one of the most practical gifts for any dad who appreciates having a backup battery when he travels or even as he goes about his day.

Fancy Corkscrew

Is the dad in your life a wine connoisseur? Maybe he likes to pop open a bottle of wine when he gets home from work. Whatever the case, any wine aficionado needs some good wine-opening material.

Fancy Corkscrew | cork screw for wine bottles

You’ll want to go with something that’ll open Dad’s wine quickly and easily. Try to pick a model that’ll look good on the kitchen counter and that comes with a foil cutter, and extra spiral.

He’ll be sure to impress the guests at his next dinner party with his fancy wine opener.

Personalized Cigar Box

Nothing says classy like a unique cigar box, perfect for displaying Dad’s cigar collection. The gorgeous wooden box houses his cigars, or whatever he wants to show off, in style, making it a truly versatile gift for the man you never know what to get.

cigar box | Personalized cigar box

You can customize it with his name on the front of the box, which means Dad’s sure to get emotional when he opens this gift. He’ll be proud to display it in his home and will think of you whenever he looks at it.

The Most Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas

A special holiday like Father’s Day calls for something equally as special, which is why we recommend personalized gifts for dad.

Personalized Wallet

personalized leather wallet fits the bill for special Father’s Day gifts. It's gorgeous, slim design will suit any man and look good no matter what his style.

Not only is this wallet a practical gift that will remind him of you every day, but he also won’t expect the personalized message on the inside when he opens this present. The engraving is a small little touch that’ll leave him speechless.
black leather wallet | Personalized leather wallet

Pro Tip: Not sure what to say? We know that immortalizing your thoughts can be tricky, so check out our guide to crafting the perfect personalized message.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

For the whiskey lover in your life, there’s nothing like receiving a gorgeous whiskey decanter set. This heavy decanter, weighing in at almost three pounds, is modern and stylish—the perfect way to enjoy whiskey.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

With a great gift set like this, you can personalize it with his name, a feature that he’ll love showing off to his friends, and he’ll be glad to have it out in his house for his guests to see. The personalized whiskey decanter is a gift for whiskey lovers that you can’t beat.

Which Gift Ideas for Dad Will Put a Smile on His Face?

We know that shopping for dad isn’t always easy, but with these gifts, you’re sure to hit the mark. After all, like our guide to getting it right says, men are simple creatures. Get him something he’ll use all the time or something fancy to keep at the house. Between our guide and these gift ideas, you’re sure to get him the perfect gift.

Pro Tip: Giving him the present is an opportunity to make him cry like a baby. Think of a fun way to give it to him, like stashing it some place he won’t expect, once you’ve picked out the best gift for dad.

Whatever the occasion, Swanky Badger has many great products that he’ll hold near and dear to his heart for years to come. Whether you’re looking to get him a fashionable everyday watch or a classy set of whiskey glasses, our gifts have real heart.



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