A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Personalized Message

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A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Personalized Message

Picture the scene: You have to evacuate your home, and you only have enough time to grab a couple of things. What do you go for? Most likely it’s going to be items of sentimental value. 

Your home insurance will cover the cost of your beloved TV, but they can’t bring back those photos of grandma burning bras and taking names back in ’68. My point is, people place enormous value in sentimental items.

That’s why personalized gifts are by far the best and more cherished gifts to give and receive. And that’s why your significant other would sooner grab his personalized wallet than risk his life trying to get his Xbox unhooked.

Today we’re going to help you write the perfect personalized message so that the next gift you give will be cherished for years, if not generations to come. 

Here are three great ways to approach your message, to maximize the emotional and sentimental impact of your gift;


1)  Something Left Unsaid

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Let’s be honest, we all get so caught up in everyday life that we often lose sight of what really matters, and how much we appreciate our loved ones. Yes, we mutter “I love you” once or twice a day, while running out the door, or falling asleep at night, but there’s a big difference between that and REALLY letting someone know they are loved and appreciated. 

That’s why so many people choose to use their personalized gift as an opportunity to reflect for a moment, and really try to communicate what the recipient means to them and their family. And it’s amazing the impact such a simple, and obvious gesture can have. 

Think about a father of three, who works 60 hours a week. He is overworked, overtired, over-stressed and doesn’t have as much time as he’d like to spend with his beloved family. What he does for them is appreciated, but nobody ever really stops to let him know how much he is valued. Now picture him opening a gift that has a message engraved on it reading;

“Dad, although we don’t tell you enough, we love you, and we appreciate everything you do for us. You are our hero. ❤️ Max, Ashley and George.

Take a moment and think about how you really feel about your loved ones, and how little you express that love and gratitude to them. Then think about how amazing it would be for them to see that message from you every day.


2)  The Words of One Passed

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The shortest route to some man-tears is to personalize your gift with a message from a loved one who is no longer with us. If the recipient had a special relationship with a parent or grandparent who has passed away, this is a beautiful way to keep that relationship forever in the front of their mind. 

One of the most touching messages we have engraved was a gift from a young man who had recently lost his father, with whom he was extremely close. The gift came from his sister. The message on the inside of the wallet simply said; 

“I knew you could do it. I’m so proud of you. Love, Dad.”

Just think about how special it must feel for that young man to open his wallet every day and read that message of encouragement from his dad.


3)  Lovers Code

A happy couple laughing together | a young couple

The third option is to choose a message that, if read by anyone else in the world, would mean nothing but, to the recipient, has special meaning. Be it an inside joke, a line from your wedding vows, or a shared memory that brings you both back to a special place. These messages serve to bring a smile to their face on the daily. One of our recent faves was this one;

“I can’t promise you the world, but i can promise you this; I will always buy you tacos and touch your butt. I love you, Jenn ❤️”


Whichever option you choose to go with, give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to put some deep thought into it. With a little effort, It could become the most special gift you ever give. 


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