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12 Gift Ideas To Get Your Brother For Any Occasion

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12 Gift Ideas To Get Your Brother For Any Occasion

There’s nobody in your life quite like your brother, so when it comes to special occasions, you want to get him something he’ll love.

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for your brother, something to help him celebrate a graduation, or you want to show him how much you care, we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 gifts for your brother for any occasion that will tell him how much he means to you.

Good Gifts for Brothers: New Dads

Has your brother recently become a dad, or is he a dad-to-be? We’ve got the best gifts for your brother to make his life as a new dad a little bit easier.

1. Travel Size Essentials Kit

If your brother is always on a plane, make sure his travel game is on point. That means investing in a set of travel size essentials, preferably from his favorite brand, so that the next time he goes on vacation with his family, getting himself ready will be the easiest part of the trip.

Travel Size Essentials Kit | Essentials kit for travelers

We suggest finding TSA-approved travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, and deodorant. Take a peek at the items in your brother’s medicine cabinet the next time you’re at his house to get an idea of brands/toiletries he uses and buy accordingly.

2. Everyday Belt

When the demands of dad life are in full swing, your brother will benefit from a stylish belt that looks great in any situation. Look for something that can transition well from work to weekend, and that is a well-made piece that will last him for years to come.

leather belt for daily wear

For maximum wearing possibilities, a neutral color like black or brown is your best bet. After all, you want to lessen the number of things his dad brain has to think about, not add more.

3. Capsule Coffee System

New parents tend to be, well, exhausted, so anything that wakes them up is a welcome gift. Your brother will go crazy for a capsule coffee system that makes getting his caffeine fix as easy as pressing a button.

capsule coffee system | Coffee sipper

You can’t go wrong with any of the major brands, which make tons of models in a wide range of colors. These coffee makers also come in many different sizes, so we recommend checking how much available counter space your brother has before purchase.

Pro tip: If the coffee system doesn’t already come with capsules, make sure to get him a couple of packs. That way, he can enjoy his coffee maker right away.

Cool Gifts for Your Drink-Appreciating Brother

What kind of gift should you get for your brother who appreciates fine liquor? If his wet bar is his favorite place in the house (and the actual bar his favorite spot outside the home), we’ve got some gift ideas that are sure to be a hit.

4. Whiskey Decanter

Awhiskey decanter is one of the best gifts for your brother if he loves whiskey or rum. It’s practical, it’ll look great in his house, and he’ll like showing it off to his friends.

Whiskey decanter

The best part about this one is that it’s not just any old whiskey decanter—you can personalize it with his name for that extra little touch. Men love receiving this kind of gift, and having it personalized makes getting it that much more special. Seriously, you can’t beat this present.

Pro Tip: If he’s still new at the whiskey game, send him our whiskey-drinking guide to have him drinking like a pro in no time. 

5. Whiskey Glasses

For the true whiskey aficionado, you can’t go wrong with a set of personalized whiskey glasses. These make a great addition to a whiskey decanter and will look super elegant displayed in your brother’s house.

Not only are they classy, but whiskey glasses are also often passed down from generation to generation, making this a gift for the ages.

Whiskey glasses with engraved name

Bonus points if you get him some whiskey stones that he can throw in the freezer and use to cool his beverage without watering it down.

6. Hip Flask

What man doesn’t love a beautiful hip flask? Any man who drinks knows the value of a slick, functional hip flask that he’ll be proud to carry.

Swanky Badger has a collection of hip flasksfit the bill perfectly. They’re stainless steel, coated in matte-black paint, and can be engraved with his name or initials, as well as a personalized message on the back. Not to mention, they come in a super classy gift box.

personalized hip flask with initials engraved

Besides being a striking way to carry his favorite drink, your brother won’t have to worry about spillage because the flask comes with a stainless steel funnel.

7. Monogrammed Beer Mug

Maybe your brother isn’t so much the whiskey type as he is the beer type. One thing often missing from many a man’s houses is a nice set of beer mugs for properly enjoying his favorite brew.

Monogrammed Beer Mug | Beer mug

We suggest going a step further and investing in a set of mugs you can personalize with his name for that extra little touch. 

Gifts for Gamer Brothers

If your brother is a gamer, the possibilities for cool things you can get him are endless. Here are a few gifts for your brother that will take his gaming potential to new heights.

8. Gaming Headphones

An excellent pair of headphones is essential for any serious gamer. If you know he doesn’t have any or is looking for an upgrade, headphones are one of those gifts to get your brother that he’ll go crazy for.

gaming headphones | Headphones

What should you keep in mind when deciding on a pair? A versatile gaming headset should work with many consoles, be comfortable for many hours, and have wireless capabilities so that he can play from anywhere in the room.

9. Blue-Light-blocking Glasses

If your brother is anything like the typical gamer, he likely spends more time than he’d like to admit playing games. If that’s the case, he’s going to need some protection to prevent eyestrain and dry eye, so consider investing in a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses.

Blue-Light-blocking Glasses | Sunglasses

Why do blue-light-blocking glasses make the perfect gift for your brother? Because it’s something he doesn’t even know he needs. There is a wide range of options on Amazon that not only look great, but also they’ll keep his eyes healthy for future gaming enjoyment.

10. Massage Chair

Anybody who’s ever sat in a chair for hours on end knows how uncomfortable (and even painful) this can be for your back and neck. Which is why a massage chair is an excellent present for your gamer brother.

massage chair | black massage chair

Aside from their massage capabilities, massage chairs generally offer better support than standard office chairs. They allow you to regulate the chair’s position depending on whether you’re gaming, working, or resting, making for a comfortable position no matter what you’re doing.

And let’s be honest—a massage chair is a great gift idea for your brother in general, primarily if he works from home.

Gifts for Brothers Who Love Cooking

If your brother loves cooking (and even if he doesn’t, ‘cause every man’s got to eat), we’ve got some great gift ideas for him.

11. Instant Pot

Forget Crockpots; Instant Pots are the new thing. If you’re not familiar with them, Instant Pots are a type of slow cooker that has a few more uses than your standard Crockpot: it’s an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and yogurt maker all in one.

designer instant pot | Instant pot

While all these features are pretty cool, what people love about the Instant Pot is how fast everything cooks. You can make most dishes in under an hour, which makes it perfect for working dads who don’t have time to put together slow cooker recipes in the morning before work.

12. Cookbook & Tablet Stand

A staple in any chef’s kitchen, cookbook stands make all the difference. Now’s a great time to update this item, especially if your brother has had the same old-fashioned cookbook stand for ages.

cookbook and table stand

More and more chefs rely on online recipes to prepare meals, so you’ll want to get him a stand that has a place for both a traditional cookbook as well as a tablet. There are many options to suit all sorts of tastes, and this is a gift that won’t break the bank. 

When it Comes to Gifts for Your Brother …

It’s not hard to make your favorite bro happy. You’ll be sure to hit a home run with any of the options on our list.

Didn’t see anything you like in this gift guide for your brother? Don’t worry; man-gifting is actually pretty straightforward—get him something he’ll use all the time or something fancy to show off in his house.

When it comes to great gifts for your brother, check out Swanky Badger’s products. From personalized watches to gorgeous wallets, we make gifts your brother will cherish forever.


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