Top 5 Gifts for Mr. Impossible

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Gift ideas for your partner

Let’s face it, some guys are just impossible to shop for. Either they’ve already bought themselves anything they’ll ever need, or they just care so little about anything, that you never know where to start.

Well, we’re here to help. There’s only one trick you need to 110% knock it out of the park: Make it Personalized. 

First of all, he’ll never buy a personalized product for HIMSELF. That’d just be weird. But there’s nothing cooler than receiving an unexpected gift that’s made just for you. 

So here’s a quick guide to five great choices:


1 - The Leather Wallet

Leather wallet with a love note inside | custom leather wallets for men | wallets

Why he’ll LOVE it - It’s a super-classy looking accessory that he may actually keep in his pocket for the rest of his life. Sounds pretty useful. And every time he opens it he’ll automatically be reminded how awesome you are. 

The coolest thing is the ability to engrave a personal message into the inside of the wallet. Make it sentimental, make it an inside joke, make it his favorite quote. There’s no wrong answer. But you’ll never forget his face when he opens it for the first time.

Price - $49.99(Shop Here)


2 - The Whiskey Decanter

whiskey decanter with initials engraved in rectangle | custom wine decanters

Why he’ll LOVE it - Let’s face it, it’s probably the classiest thing he’s ever going to own. It’s a home-bar staple for any self-respecting tipple-tickler, and chances are he doesn’t already have one. 

Engrave his name and birth year on it, and a personal note up to 30 words on the back. It’s a home run every single time. And what’s more,it also gives him an amazing excuse to go shopping for a killer bottle of bourbon. It's a win win!

Price - from $44.99(Shop Here)


3 - The Wooden Watch

wooden dialer watch with brown leather belts

Why he’ll LOVE it - There aren’t many things in the world that are crafted out of both cows and trees but this is one of them. It’s so stylish and original it will knock his damn socks off. 

Chances are he has never even seen one of these before. Chances are he had absolutely no idea you could make a watch out of wood! Truly a beautiful and timeless gift with some amazing personalization options and presented in a sexy gift box. 

Price - from $59.99(Shop Here)


4 - The Hip Flask

personalized black hip flask | hip flask with engraved name on side

Why he’ll LOVE it - This one pretty much pays for itself. Sick of paying $14.99 for a craft beer at a game? Be sick no more! This slick 7oz Flask is the perfect solution for overcoming the rip-off culture at music and sporting events. Fill it to the top, pop it in your sock, and off you go. 

And just like its big brother, The Whiskey Decanter, you can engrave his name on the front and put a special little message on the back.

Price - from $29.99(Shop Here)


5 - The Cigar Box

rustic wooden square shaped cigar box | personalized cigar box with engraved name

Why he’ll LOVE it - Ok, he definitely doesn’t have one of these! It’s something that he’ll have forever, whether he keeps it stocked with cigars, fills it with keepsakes, or just uses it to hide his miniature Star Wars figures from people who actually have lives. 

 And it won’t look half bad sitting on the bookshelf either ;)

Price - $29.99(Shop Here)


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January 18, 2019

Hey there!
I’ve ordered a phone case for my husband twice and I want another one but I want the same case I ordered last. Is there any way you have history of orders?

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