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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Him Cry Like a Baby…

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Him Cry Like a Baby…

OH emm gee. You just got him what could be the most amazing gift ever.(You deserve a gift just for knocking it out of the park, but that’s another blog post)

Now, some might just leave it unwrapped and give it to him when he walks in the door.

Or even worse - text him that his gift came in the mail and you’re sooo excited to give it to him...

But that’s not you. You know that the physical gift is just half of it.

Presentation is everything. And suspense is the whipped cream and cherry on top. 

To make this moment one he’ll never forget.

Because let’s be real, he’s pretty forgetful...💁

So how can you be sure that this is the gift presentation to trump all gift presentations?

We’re glad you asked.

We’ve proudly been inducing man tears for over 4 years and have seen some pretty amazing deliveries.

Here are 3 to spark your inspiration:


#1 - The Scavenger Hunt


We’re all perpetual 8 year olds on the inside, no matter our “real” age - and men are certainly no exception.

Choose spots of significance around the house, like where he said something really sweet and took your breath away. Or at that one appliance in the house you keep asking him to fix.

Make as many clues you’d like to torture him with.

Then, once you’re ready, present him with clue #1 and let him loose!

#2 - Misleading packaging:


An oldie but goody. The misleading packaging is a sure-fire and cringeworthy way to watch them fake their excitement over a new toaster, hand towels, or leaf blower.

(Actually, he might get super excited over that last one come to think of it.)

Anyway, moral of the story - the more boring the better!

Want to really make their mind explode?

Combine a scavenger hunt with misleading packaging. Then, watch his face after he puts in all that effort and thinks he’s getting theCasper Matratze”.

#3 - Get the Kids or Fur Babies involved:

Fur babies and small kids can be a little tricky since they either A) can’t talk or B) will blurt out the surprise before he gets both feet through the front door.

Instead, trick him into thinking Fido or little Johnny/Bella did something wrong, and he has to come look “right now!”

Lead him to the fake scene of the crime where, instead of a mess, he finds the “culprits” and his gift waiting.

If your little one can keep a secret for more than 10 seconds, have him or her write a personal note to include with the gift.

This will practically guarantee those man tears.

Or you can simply make your child the delivery person!

Kids don’t need any extra bells and whistles to pull at our heart strings. A simple innocent bat of the eyes and a, “we got this for you”. Instant marshmallow status.

No matter which option you go with - make sure you document it and share with us! We love seeing these amazing moments, and it makes us feel like we’re doing something pretty darn special over here.

Once you have the footage -email us your video and we’ll send you a $10 gift card!

Need more inspiration? Check out ourfacebook page for some great gifting videos.

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