Our Story – Swanky Badger

Our Story

Swanky Badger was founded with one small aim: To improve the lives of 50% of the human race! Ok, that sounds a bit lofty, let’s step back a bit. 

My name is Mark. I was born and raised in Ireland, but I now live in San Diego, California. I watched a lot of Baywatch as a teenager. Yes, we had Baywatch in Ireland. That may or may not have impacted my life trajectory. Irrelevant. 
So anyway, back in the olden days of 2014 I was elbows deep in preparation to wed my beautiful Mrs. Badger. (No, she doesn’t look anything like Pamela Anderson). My wife, let’s just call her Becca…her name is Becca, was kind enough to inform me that I should probably buy some groomsmen gifts for my significant brothers. After all, they were only traveling 5,000 miles to be at the wedding. 
I had never really bought these guys anything of meaning before, so I wanted it to be a little special. I mean, how often to you get a chance to share such a moment with some of your favorite people in the world? I went online and found some personalized cigar boxes, thinking that would be a nice place to start. Fill them with cool stuff, etc. 
I was so excited to get them and to get to work on putting the packages together. They arrived not long after and ...talk about a massive disappointment. I couldn’t believe the quality. They were shoddily constructed, poorly stained, and just looked and felt extremely cheap. So, I decided I had no choice but to return them. This is where the real fun began. 
I contacted the store owner and explained the issues to him. He was probably the rudest person I’ve ever communicated with. He explained (about 4 days after my email) that there was no way he would take them back, because he had already sold hundreds of them, and nobody had ever complained before, and therefore, I should be happy. Hmm. 
So, I wondered, if he was such a pimp-daddy, that he could sell crap and treat people like crap, and get away with it - what would happen if I could create some beautifully designed products, treat customers really nicely, and sell gifts that I knew people would be proud to give to their nearest and dearest? So that’s what I decided to do. And ladies and gentlemen, Swanky Badger was born. 
Our mission in the world is to create products that will, with 100% certainty, swank up the lives of the gentlemen that receive them. Which brings us back to our original goal of improving the lives of 50% of the human race. ;)
We take great pride in every order we ship out. Because we know it is going to be part of a special moment between two people. And really, life is about those moments. We’re also really nice people who believe in the power of excellent customer service. So, if you have any questions about anything, or just want to ask for a discount, shoot me an email at the address below. I’ll get back to you in no time. 
Swank on, Badgers,