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17 Unforgettable and Heartfelt Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

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17 Unforgettable and Heartfelt Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Everyone likes to receive gifts that feel tailored to them--you know, the ones that make it feel like the gifter took the time to find something unique--and dad is no different. Personalized Father’s Day gifts are a great way to show him you care and help honor the dad in your life.

When is Father's Day?

Before we get into our favorite presents for Dad, we wanted to mention that Father’s Day falls on June 16 this year, so this all-important Sunday is just around the corner. It’s important to plan so you’re not searching for the perfect gift for your dad at the last minute.

Personalized Dad Gifts: 17 Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Now for the good stuff--we’ve rounded up a list of our top 17 personalized Father’s Day gift ideas that dad is sure to love. They run the gamut from heartfelt to practical to simple, fun items that’ll suit the tastes of all kinds of dads. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. A Timeless Wooden Watch

If it’s time to upgrade Dad’s watch collection, a wooden watch will add a touch of glamour and fashion to his wardrobe. He’ll be the hip dad when he sports his new watch at work or on the weekends, and when Dad goes to put it on every day, he’ll be touched by what he sees.

What is it that he’ll see, you ask? He’ll see the engraved message on the back that tells him how much you love him. Dad will go about his day knowing that there’s a hidden message of appreciation on his wrist, and we think a daily reminder of how much your family loves you is worth its weight in gold.

wooden watch | personalized wooden watch witch initials at back

2. A Watch Box

He’ll need a place to store that gorgeous new wooden watch, as well as all his other ones. If he’s always misplacing them, an understated watch box will look great on his dresser and keep all his timepieces corralled in one place. And engraving his initials on it will tell the world who those watches belong to.

A Watch Box

3. A New Handmade Wallet

There’s nothing better than getting a beautiful, handmade leather wallet for Father’s Day, but what makes receiving this present even better is discovering the sweet engraved message on the inside and seeing your initials on the outside. If you’re looking to immortalize your feelings about Dad, there’s no better way to do it than with a sweet message of love and appreciation.

He’ll love that this gift combines practicality and sentimentality, and you can sure bet he’ll sneak peeks of your thoughtful, personalized message when he thinks no one is watching. All in all, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more heartfelt way to let him know how much you care.

Handmade Wallet | Personalized handmade wallet

4. A Pocket Knife

Simple, yet functional, a pocket knife makes a great personalized gift for dad. Men like practical gifts that they can use all the time and a pocket knife is something most guys like to carry with them just in case. Adding his name to it gives this present a personal touch he’ll love.

A Pocket Knife | Personalized pocket knife

5. Backpack Chair

For the dad who spends a lot of time spectating at the kids’ soccer games, a backpack chair for the sidelines is essential. This personalized dad gift is perfect for game day, where he’ll love pulling it out and plopping down in the chair that everyone will know is his.

Backpack Chair | Chair for bags

6. Barbecue Utensil Set

Is Dad’s greatest thrill in life hosting epic barbecues on the weekends? If he can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up every year to have friends and family over for summer cookouts, he needs his own personalized barbecue utensil set.

The utensil set is an affordable yet fun gift he’ll seriously enjoy using come barbecue season and will let everyone know who’s in charge of the grill.

Barbecue Utensil Set | BBQ utensils

7. Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Along those same lines, while food is an integral part of Dad’s summer barbecues, these hangouts wouldn’t be complete with cold beverages. Help keep his guests sipping on refreshing drinks all day long with a backyard bar beverage tub with his name on it.

Backyard Bar Beverage Tub | Bar beverage tub

8. Catchall Tray

If Dad’s always leaving spare change and random things all over the living room, a catchall tray is the perfect personalized Father’s Day gift to bring order to his life. You can find lots of different kinds of these trays online, from glass to wood to leather, and Dad will be grateful to have a place to put all his miscellaneous items.

Catchall Tray | a tray for all accessories

9. Collar Stays

Collar stays are a critical part of every guy’s wardrobe, and we all know how easily they can get lost in the wash. If Dad’s always missing them, he’ll be grateful for a spare set that will keep him looking well put together day in and day out.

What he won’t be expecting is the engraved message the collar stays will carry. Personalized collar stays are a sweet way to show dad your love and appreciation that he’ll wear every day--and only he will know about it. Simple, but heartfelt.

Collar Stays

10. Toiletry Bag

Another of our favorite personalized Father’s Day gifts is a toiletry case. Whether he travels a lot or infrequently, it’s essential to have a dedicated bag for all the personal care items he’ll need on the road, like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

There are all kinds of toiletry cases out there, so deciding on one is just a question of knowing what Dad likes. You can find options that are simple zippered bags with one main compartment, folding cases that you can hang, and toiletry bags with handles.

Whatever you choose, adding his initials to the outside will give this present a little extra touch.

Toiletry Bag | Leather Toiletry Bag

11. Beer Mug

Dad likely has a few coffee mugs already, and if he's a beer lover, he might already have or two beer mugs. But does he have one that's specifically personalized for him? He’ll be happy to add this one to his collection because it will proudly display the names and birthdates of all his children. And if he’s lucky enough to have grandchildren, their names can be included, too.

Beer Mug | Personalized Beer Mug

12. Apron

For the dad you can’t remove from the kitchen, an apron is a practical personalized present. Help him keep his clothes pristine, especially if he likes cooking with a white shirt.

Apron | Personalized Apron

13. Personalized Hip Flask

Does Dad like to drink? His accessory collection wouldn’t be complete without a super sophisticated personalized hip flask, a must for any guy who’s serious about looking great while drinking. He’ll love to pull this slick accessory out of his pocket, and his engraved initials on the front will make it clear that this hip flask belongs to him. And if you like the idea of getting your dad something truly personal and unique, check out our gift guide to personalized Father’s Day gifts.

Personalized Hip Flask

14. “Dad Established” Photo

A more sentimental option, no dad’s house is complete without a customized photo memorializing the date (or dates) he became a father. There are lots of photography shops that will put your favorite family photo in a special “Dad Established” picture frame with his children’s birth dates. The result is a gift he’ll hang proudly on a wall at home or in the office and cherish forever.

customized photo frame | photo frame

15. A New Briefcase

If dad’s recently gotten a promotion or if he’s just in need of a new briefcase, Father’s Day is a great excuse to get him a sleek new one. And there’s nothing like understated monogramming that screams “professional” quite the same way. You can choose between a portfolio, padfolio, attaché, or travel briefcase to keep him organized while on the go.

Briefcase | leather Briefcase

16. Ice Cream

You’re probably wondering why you should get dad ice cream for Father’s Day, and the answer is that the best of all summer treats (or any season, in our opinion) gets even better when the packaging is personalized for his special day. With lots of different flavors, you’re sure to satisfy Dad’s sweet tooth. Here’s hoping he’ll share.

ice cream tub | ice cream

17. Sound Wave Art

Personalized sound wave art may be the most futuristic of all the gifts on our list. Have Dad’s favorite song printed out as a sound wave and framed for a super nostalgic, super fun present he won’t be expecting.

Personalized sound wave wall art | wall art

Personalized and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Everywhere

With the countdown on for Father’s Day, personalized gifts are your best bet. They work smarter, not harder, and by taking the time to add a message or his name to the present, you’re showing him that you went the extra mile to show him how much you care. And showing dad you care is what Father’s Day is all about.

Pro Tip: If Dad’s one of those guys who has gotten all sorts of presents over the years, check out our creative ideas for the man who already has everything. Spoiler alert: it’s easier than you think to get him something he doesn’t have.

And if you’re ready to show your affection, Swanky Badger is your one-stop shop for personalized Father’s Day gifts from the heart. We’ve got everything you need to treat your dad to the best father's day gifts ever. Also, if you're looking for the perfect birthday gifts, Valentine's day presents, gifts for your brothers or groomsmen, Swanky Badger has you covered.


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