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The 12 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Husband

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The 12 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Husband

Other than his birthday, there’s no better occasion to show your husband how important he is to you and your family than on Father’s Day. We want to help you hit a home run this June, so we’ve put together this guide, featuring the best Father’s Day gifts for your husband, which is full of present ideas that will make him feel special.

The Best Father's Day Gifts from Wives to Husbands

No matter what he's into, you can find the perfect gift online. Along with a heartfelt Happy Father's Day card and a special day to make him feel appreciated, give him something he can use all year long. So, read on below to see gift ideas that make your husband feel like he's the best dad ever.

1. Bring Out His Nostalgic Side with a Digital Picture Frame

We’re kicking off the list of the best Father’s Day ideas for your husband with a sentimental one: a digital photo frame to display his favorite memories. Whether you want to commemorate your first Valentine's Day, anniversary, or the first time you took a picture together, a picture frame is a visual reminder of all the great times you’ve shared.

father's day gift ideas | Father and daughter

2. Keep Him Safe with an Emergency Roadside Kit

Avid travelers are the easiest people to shop for since being on the road opens up a whole world of unique gifts for travelers. If your husband’s always on the go, especially if he travels a lot by car, an emergency roadside kit makes the perfect Father’s Day gift from his wife.

Emergency Roadside Kit | Roadside kit

You can find lots of great options on Amazon that will get the job done, or you can show him how much he means to your family by putting together your own kit that will help him be safe on the road. If you prefer to go with the latter alternative, some of the must-have items in a basic emergency roadside kit include:

  • Jumper cables
  • Triangle reflectors or flares
  • Motor oil
  • First-aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight

3. Tug at His Heartstrings with a Personalized Wallet

Is there any better way to make your husband think of you everywhere he goes than with a personalized wallet? We think not! This present ticks all the boxes—it’s simple, practical, and efficient, three things we consider a huge win when it comes to gift giving.

father's day wallet | brown leather wallet

Plus, the personalized wallet is one of our favorite wife Father's day gifts because of its highly sentimental nature. He’ll like seeing his initials on the outside, but he’ll be completely blown away when he sees the engraved message from you and your family telling him how much he means to you on the inside.

4. Bring Out His Inner Child and Get Him a Drone

Our Father’s Day gifts for husbands list wouldn’t be complete without a little something for dads that love technology, which is why we’ve included this fantastic idea for the grown-up kid in your life: a drone.


You can’t go wrong with this gift, which you can find online in a variety of models and at a variety of price points. Not only is Dad’s face sure to light up when he opens this gift, but your kids are also going to love it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone—Dad gets the best gift ever, and you entertain the kids at the same time.

5. Power His Netflix Sessions with a Media Streamer

If your husband’s smart TV still doesn’t have a media streamer, it’s time to buy him one so he can get the most out of the little time he has to watch TV. After all, the best part of having a smart TV is being able to access streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Media Streamer

There are plenty of media streamer options—in the form of sticks, set-top-boxes, and dongles—that will bring his favorite streaming services right to his living room. If you want to help him get with the times, a media streamer is one of our best Father’s day gifts from his wife that he’ll get plenty of use out of.

6. Keep Him Drinking Classy with a Whiskey Decanter Set

Next up in our gift guide to the best Father’s Day gifts from his wife is a classic: a seriously well-made whiskey decanter set. Go for a set with a whiskey decanter and two glasses for maximum enjoyment of your husband’s favorite beverage.

whiskey decanter set | Whiskey decanter with glasses

What makes this gift stand head and shoulders above the rest is that you can personalize a whiskey decanter set. Engrave his name and the year on the front, and surprise him with a custom message on the back. Write something cute or funny, or etch a heartfelt message of affection—the choice is yours.

Either way, this whiskey decanter gift set will give him all the feels.

7. Surprise Him Every Month With a Subscription Box Service

Help your husband keep up appearances this June by treating him to a subscription box. You can tailor this versatile gift to all kinds of men, who are guaranteed to enjoy it because there’s nothing quite like receiving a box full of goodies on his doorstep every month.

Subscription Box  | Goodies box

The sky’s the limit with this creative father's day present, and there’s a subscription box to fit every budget and lifestyle. The most common subscription box categories include shaving and grooming and clothing and accessories, but the fun doesn’t end there. You can find subscriptions for novelty items, home décor, and sports team memorabilia.

8. Upgrade His Grilling Experience

Help the master of the grill enjoy every second of his favorite activity to the fullest by gifting him something fun to go with it. He’ll completely abandon the kitchen in favor of his grill this summer with any one of these fun Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband.

  • Craft beer BBQ sauce set
  • Bluetooth enabled BBQ thermometer
  • Stainless steel grill set
  • Grilling cookbook
  • Smoker box
  • BBQ branding iron

stainless still grill set | grilling cookbook | BBQ sauce set

We also recommend a portable grill he can take on your family camping adventures. You can thank us later when you’re chowing down on delicious burgers all summer long.   

9. Bring His Favorite Drink to the Next Level with a Gin and Tonic Kit

Next up on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband is an idea for booze enthusiasts: the gin and tonic kit. The humble gin and tonic is a cocktail classic, and no home bar is complete without the accessories to take this refreshing drink to the next level.

gin and tonic kit

A neat bonus is also to get your husband a gin and tonic recipe book. And it goes without saying that including a sample of a fancy tonic and a bottle of his favorite gin is a must.

10. Protect His Eyes with a New Pair of Sunglasses

The start of summer is the perfect excuse for a new pair of sunglasses, and your husband will rock his latest pair all summer long. If he’s always worn a specific type of sunglasses, consider helping him branch out with a new style from his favorite brand because there’s no time like the present for a little style upgrade.

Sunglasses | Stylish sunglasses

And because no one likes squinting in the harsh sun.

11. Make His Belly Happy With a Food Delivery Service

Another one of our great Father’s Day gift ideas from his wife is simple, yet brilliant: a food subscription for the guy who’s got lots of cooking ambition but little time. We love this gift idea because it’s perfect for dads on the go.

Food subscription services save Dad time and energy by delivering cooking essentials to his doorstep. He can choose the recipes he wants to make (or have the subscription service choose for him), and Dad will receive everything he needs, including pre-measured ingredients, at his door every week.

cooking essentials

Healthy, fresh meals the whole family enjoys? No trips to the grocery store? Sounds more like a present for you, but we won’t tell Dad!   

12. Get Game Night Started with a Poker Set

What man doesn’t love to play poker? If Dad’s a poker fanatic (and we’re betting he is), he’ll be happy to open a poker set from his wife this Father’s Day. And if for some strange reason poker isn’t his jam, get him his favorite board game or pick the one you think he’d like. Your next family game night? Covered!

Poker Set

The Perfect Father's Day Gifts For Your Husband

Every dad loves a great gift, but this special day in June is about showing your husband how much he means to you and your family—which is why you can also plan fun things do on Father’s Day, especially if he’s not the easiest person to shop for.

Whether you put together his perfect day or choose one of our fantastic ideas for Father’s Day gifts for your husband, it’s the sentiment that counts.

Speaking of sentiment, if you want to get the emotion flowing, Swanky Badger is your one-stop shop for gifts that will tug at his heartstrings. Whether you're looking for the perfect anniversary gift, personalized gifts for men, birthday gifts, or wedding gifts for groomsmen, we stock timeless, classy accessories meant to be treasured for years to come. Explore some of our most popular personalized gifts today.


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