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16 Useful Gifts for Dad (That He Actually Wants)

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16 Useful Gifts for Dad (That He Actually Wants)

Whether you're shopping for Father's Day, Christmas, or a birthday, any gift-giving holiday brings the question you’re never quite sure how to answer: what do you get the man who’s given you everything?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: men are simple creatures. When it comes to man gifting, a surefire bet is to get him something he’ll use all the time. This Father’s Day, knock his present out of the park with one of the ideas in our guide, which is full of cool useful gift ideas for dad.


The 16 Most Practical Dad Gifts Out There

Before we start, there’s something you need to hear, and we’re just going to come right out and say it: Dad’s got enough coffee mugs and socks to last him a lifetime. We’ll admit that these items technically fall under the umbrella of “useful,” but they’re not super exciting.

When it comes to the best gifts, step up your game and think about things that'll make an emotional impact, but with a certain utility that he'll appreciate in his day to day life.

So, for any holiday, skip the tie and socks and go with one of our fun, yet practical gift ideas for Dad, which include a little something for everyone.

1. A Personalized Leather Wallet

The first item on our list of practical holiday or Father's Day gifts for him is the personalized wallet. Not only does every man need a wallet, but every man also uses a wallet daily, meaning that no matter where he goes, he’ll have a beautiful yet practical reminder of the person who got it for him—you

Personalized Leather Wallet | Leather wallet

Not to mention, you can engrave his initials on the outside of this wallet, as well as include a touching message telling Dad how much he means to you. The personalized wallet is the perfect gift, blending sentiment and utility that your dad will cherish for years to come.

2. A Durable Bike Lock

Anyone who’s had a bike stolen knows the likelihood of theft goes up when you don’t secure your bike properly. If Dad doesn’t already have the best lock there is, his ride is susceptible to robbery, so help him safeguard his investment with a sturdy bike lock.

Bike Lock | Durable bike lock

The best way to do so is by getting dad a robust U-bolt lock with a mounting bracket and a steel cable; that way, he can protect both the frame and the wheels. He’ll thank you later for this great gift. Trust us.

3. Leather Conditioner

A leather conditioner to keep his favorite shoes soft and supple, as well as protected against the elements, is an item every man needs. This gift is simple, helps any of his favorite men's leather shoes and accessories looking great, and it won't break the bank. It doesn’t get any easier.

leather conditioner for shoes | leather conditioner

4. A Classy Wooden Watch

Next up on our list of practical Father’s Day gifts is the wooden watch. It’s available in a variety of classic designs, and this watch is so good looking he’ll want to wear it every day—and he can, because it goes with pretty much everything.

classy wooden watch | wooden watch

But it’s not just this watch’s good looks that will make Dad fall in love with it. You can engrave his initials, as well as a sweet Father’s Day message on the back. A wooden watch makes the perfect Father's Day, birthday, or holiday gift, and it shows affection only he will know about, that he can display on his wrist for many years.

5. The Most Stylish Suitcase

Nothing says “classy” quite like a stylish, high-quality carryon to accompany him on his weekend getaways. He’ll appreciate having a suitcase that looks good and has four wheels, so he doesn’t have to struggle with his luggage—especially if Dad has been using the same worn out carryon for years now. If your dad is known for his ability to rack up frequent flyer miles, check out our gift guide for men who travel a lot.

stylish suitcase | green and brown suitcases

6. Quality Undershirts

Give Dad’s old t-shirt or undershirt collection an upgrade, and gift him a set of quality undershirts this Father’s Day. Pay attention to proper fit, and look for something that absorbs and wicks moisture so he can be comfortable and look good at the same time. Just because no one sees it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be nice.

Undershirts | cotton Undershirts

7. New Hiking Boots

For the outdoor enthusiast dad, a new pair of hiking boots make a great Father’s Day gift he’ll get tons of use out of. Look for something mid-weight that he can use for activities like camping and hiking, and something waterproof that can stand up to use in a few inches of snow.

Hiking boots | Boots

8. A Pocket Journal

Whether he’s the philosophical type who likes to reflect on life or the kind of guy who needs a place to jot down his best ideas, a pocket journal makes an excellent Father’s Day gift for the number one guy in your life.

There’s nothing quite like scribbling down his thoughts in a split leather journal personalized with his name and a special message from loved ones on the inside. This version is small enough to fit right in Dad’s pocket, and it’s got space to stash cash, business cards, and anything else he doesn’t want to lose.

Pocket journal | Leather journal

This present is so versatile that you may want to keep it in mind for your brother and husband, too.

9. A Car Battery Jump Starter

If your dad is the forgetful type who has been known to leave the car lights on, he’ll appreciate a car battery jump starter to bail him out in that awful moment when his car won’t start, and there’s not another vehicle in sight.

Car Battery Jump Starter | Car battery starter

No car is complete without a car battery jump starter, and everybody—Dad included—should have one of these. You can even charge smartphones and other electronic devices with them. Hopefully, he’ll never have to use it, but this is a practical gift Dad will be glad to have if the need arises.  

10. A Handy Tweezer Set

Tweezers aren’t just for women. Men need a good pair of tweezers to keep unwanted hairs in check, and this is one gift set where it pays to spend a little more on quality, especially for guys who care about skincare. We recommend looking for a set with a carrying case and a lifetime sharpening guarantee to keep dad adequately groomed at all times.

Handy Tweezer Set | tweezer set

11. A Stainless Steel Razor

It’s time to move dad away from traditional razor cartridges and steer him toward something that will change his whole shaving experience. A stainless steel razor will make his daily shave feel luxurious and will save him money in the long run, as this kind of blade is more affordable than cartridge replacements.

Stainless Steel Razor | Shaving kit

12. A Subscription to His Favorite Magazines

It’s a well-known fact that Dads love their reading material. Whether he can’t get his day started without his favorite newspaper, or he eagerly awaits the arrival of his beloved magazine every month, treat him to a year’s subscription of his reading material of choice.

Magazine subscription | Magazines

He’ll open his mailbox month after month to find his magazine of choice waiting for him, which makes this the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

13. Fabric Shaver

Next up on our list of useful Father’s Day gifts is a present you’ll probably have to explain to Dad when you give it to him. A fabric shaver is a utilitarian powerhouse he didn’t know he needed, but when Dad sees its ability to make old, pilled clothing look new again, he won’t envision life without it.

Fabric shaver

14. A New Phone Case

There’s no bigger bummer than dropping your phone and realizing you’ll have to lay down some serious cash to get your screen fixed. Help Dad avoid this problem by getting him a leather phone case, another of our useful Father's Day gifts he’ll love.

leather phone case | I phone case

Available in a range of stylish yet neutral colors, Dad will look super classy carrying his phone around in this vegan leather phone case. It’s also got room to store cash and credit cards, plus you can engrave his initials and a message on the inside. This phone case couldn’t be more useful if it tried.

15. Collapsible Bike Helmet

The major downside to getting around on a bike is dealing with a bulky helmet, but now there are collapsible options that make storing and carrying Dad’s helmet on his daily commute that much easier. Cool and practical? You’re sure to hit the mark with this gift.

Collapsible Bike Helmet | Bike helmet

16. A Heavy Duty Umbrella

Ok, this might not be the most exciting idea on this list, but is there anything more humiliating than having your low-quality umbrella turn inside out when it’s raining cats and dogs? We didn’t think so. Help Dad avoid this problem by getting him a sturdy umbrella that’ll keep him dry even on the wettest of days.

Heavy duty umbrella | Black umbrella

(BONUS IDEA) Bluetooth Speakers

This gift idea is perfect for any dad who's an audiophile. Bluetooth speakers today don't just boast superior sound, but giving your dad a Bluetooth audio system is a way to integrate his interests into a Father's Day gift that's usefulandenjoyable.If you want to up the ante, get him some over-ear headphones that connect seamlessly to his sound system, too.

The Most Epic and Useful Father’s Day Gifts

Whatever you choose, one thing’s for sure: it’s the thought that counts, but he’ll be grateful to get a truly unique Father’s Day gift this year.  We also recommend going the extra mile and making him feel even more special with one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts.

Swanky Badger’s got your back with the best gift guides for any guy in your life, from finding the most useful gifts for dad and gifts for new dads to groomsmen gifts and more. From whiskey decanter sets to elegant watches and more, we craft the gift, and you create it. If you’re looking for something sentimental and customizable, check out our selection now.


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