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The 13 Most Heartfelt and Sentimental Father's Day Gifts from Daughters

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The 13 Most Heartfelt and Sentimental Father's Day Gifts from Daughters

June 16 is coming up, and you want to impress the most important man in your life with a gift that’ll show him just how much he means to you--after all, you’ll always and forever be a daddy’s girl.

To help you make him cry like a baby, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts from daughter for all types of dads.


Sentimental Gifts for Dad from Daughter

We’re kicking this guide off with some beautiful, heartfelt presents for dad from daughter. If you want to appeal to his emotional side this Father’s Day, do it with one of our top three picks for sentimental gifts from daughter for dad.

Personalized Wallet

If there’s a gift that’ll work for any man, regardless of age, interests, or style, it’s a wallet. Every guy needs a place to carry his cash and credit cards, which makes a wallet a practical gift. But if you want to bridge practical and heartfelt this Father’s Day, take things a step further and get him a personalized wallet that he’ll have for many years.

Besides being a beautiful, classic piece he’ll love to carry, the best moment will be when he opens it and sees his initials on the outside and the message you’ve engraved on the inside telling him how much he means to you. It’s sure to be a sentimental moment neither of you will forget any time soon. There may even be tears. 

leather wallet with a message

Framed “Then and Now” Picture

This gift idea is simple but effective. All you have to do is find your most cherished picture of you and Dad from when you were a little girl and frame it alongside your favorite photo of the two of you now. If you have kids of your own, a sweet option is to include a picture of you, dad, and his grandkids, and adding a sweet message to go with the photos is a fantastic idea.

He’ll love this visual representation of your journey through time as father and daughter and will hang it with pride. The “then and now” picture is a safe bet if you want to give him all the feels. 

before and after pictures

Personalized Journal

Is your dad the type who needs to write everything down? Maybe he travels a lot for work and needs to carry a pocketbook with him, or perhaps he’s just a scribbler. Whatever the case may be, a personalized journal is a perfect way to show him how much he means to his special girl. 

Not only will he love seeing his initials on the outside, but he’ll also be flooded with emotion when he sees your handcrafted message on the inside. It’s the little things that matter, like seeing that message when he’s far away on a work trip and being reminded of his favorite daughter.

personalized journal with pockets

Gift Ideas for Dad from Daughter: Experiences

All dads love a great gift, but there’s one thing Dad wouldn’t trade for the best gift in the world: time with his daughter. We’ve got several different experience gifts ideas for dad from his daughter that will show him how much you appreciate all he’s done for you--even if you can never fully repay him.

Plan His Perfect Day

Gifts to dads from daughters don’t have to be complicated. What does your dad love to do on the weekend? What’s the go-to activity he wishes he had more time for? You’ve known him all your life, so you know what his favorite things to do are, which makes it easy to plan his perfect day--and enjoy it with him, of course.

When Father's Day rolls around, tell him you’re kidnapping him for the day. Take him to his favorite brunch place or make it for him at home, and then do whatever it is he likes to do--bowling, Bocce ball, wine tasting, whatever. He’ll love that you took the time to organize a day based on his favorite activities.

Take Him River Rafting

Father’s Day falls right as summer is getting in full swing, which means that it’s the perfect opportunity to do some fun outdoor activities with your favorite guy. We recommend taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going river rafting. There’s nothing like a day out on the rapids to get your heart beating and bring you even closer together. 

If you don’t live close to a river, or if Dad would prefer a slightly less adrenaline-filled activity, there are lots of other things you can do to enjoy the outdoors:  

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Archery
  • Hunting
  • Bird watching

 Whatever you choose, Dad will love the fact that you organized a unique outdoor plan for the two of you.

River rafting | adventure sports

Pamper Him

A spa day is an oldie, but it’s certainly a goodie. Who doesn’t love getting pampered at the spa? Treat him to a day of relaxation that he’s sure to appreciate. You might even want to consider getting in on the pamper action and joining him for a real father/daughter relaxation day.

Spa treatment

See a Comedy Show

One of the best dad gifts from daughter is the gift of laughter. Take dad out to see his favorite comedian for a night of belly laughs that neither of you will soon forget.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughter: The Hard-to-shop-for Dad

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, which can make finding dad gifts from his daughter feel like a downright impossible task. Once you understand a thing or two about man gifting, everything becomes a lot easier. Here are some ideas that you can’t go wrong with, and you can also check out our guide to the top 5 gifts for Mr. Impossible for more inspiration. 

Charcoal Shoe Deodorizing Bags

Even the cleanest dads suffer from smelly shoes, so get him some of these shoe deodorizing bags. All he has to do is stick them in his shoes, and the charcoal in them helps eliminate all sorts of nasty smells. This gift is the hero Dad didn’t know he needed in his life, but boy will he be glad to have it.

Shoe Deodorizing Bags

Personalized Cutting Board

Get your favorite guy a kitchen upgrade and swap out his old plastic cutting board for a beautiful new wood one. But don’t just get him any old wood cutting board--there are tons of reasonably priced options that will let you personalize this kitchen staple with his name or initials. 

Gorgeous and functional, with Dad’s name on it to let the world know that he’s the ruler of the kitchen? You can’t go wrong here.

Personalized cutting board

Make Every Day a Spa Day

Everyone knows that the best part of getting home is getting comfortable. Upgrade your dad’s home uniform with a luxurious robe that will make unwinding after work feel like he’s getting the five-star treatment at a spa. He’ll feel so extra and think of you when he goes to put on his favorite new plush robe.

Packing Cubes

If Marie Kondo has helped Dad bring order to his house, the next step is a good set of packing cubes to bring order to his suitcase. It’s high time he discovered that packing cubes can spark some serious suitcase joy by allowing him to organize his clothing by category and create more room in his carry-on.

Perfect Gifts for Dad from Daughter: The Active Dad

If your dad is a health nut, a fitness-related present makes for one of the best Father Day gifts from his daughter. We’ve got a couple of ideas to help get you started if you want to go this route.

Update His Gym Wardrobe

Any consistent gym-goer knows that nothing sucks more than getting ready for a workout and finding that all of your gym clothes are dirty. Help Dad avoid this situation and surprise him with a new exercise set from his favorite brand.

Gym wear | Gym suits | t shirts

Give His Gym Equipment a Home

Is your dad still going to the gym and carrying all of his necessities in his hands? If he’s anything like the dads we know, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear this. Free up his hands and get him a gym bag so he can store all of his stuff in one place. Trust us. When all of his gym equipment has a proper home, he’ll thank you.

Celebrate the Father/Daughter Bond

Now’s the time to get a move on finding that perfect something to celebrate the bond that your dad has worked so hard to cultivate. Whether you choose to get Dad a traditional gift or decide on an experience the two of you can share, what matters most is that the man who’s always been there for you feels honored on his special day. 

If you haven’t already, check out Swanky Badger’s line of personalizable products, all of which make great Father’s Day gifts from daughter. We’ve got everything from modern pocket watches to whiskey decanter sets he’ll love displaying, so this Father’s Day, tell him how much you love him with Swanky Badger.



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