Best Groomsmen Gifts That Will Never Go Out of Style

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Best Groomsmen Gifts That Will Never Go Out of Style

The perfect groomsmen gift is not only a way to say thank you for being involved in my wedding and bachelor party ―  it’s a way of giving your buddies a way to remember your friendship forever. 

While you’re busy with all the other details of your wedding party, coming up with the best groomsmen gift ideas might not be high on your list of priorities. We get it, and we're here to help.

Here are some creative ideas that are sure to have staying power and leave a lasting impression. You ready?


Groomsmen Gift Ideas You Should Be Considering

There is nothing better than a gift that is truly unique. When the present is one of a kind, it holds a lot more value and shows him that you gave it a lot of thought. When they’re wonderingwhat to get the groom, don’t you hope they’re thinking of making it personal, too?

Plus, it’ll be cool for you and all your friends to have something to look back on years down the road.

    The Whiskey Decanter

    No matter where you go and whose home bar you walk into, they likely have at least one glass whiskey decanter. You stare at it from across the room, and you know that is the best-tasting liquor on the shelf.

    whiskey decanter

    Apersonalized whiskey decanter is a good groomsmen gift because they most likely don’t have one already and even if they do, we can almost guarantee they do not have a customized one with their name on it. It’s a great way to show you care about your buddy and that you wanted to get them a present that means something.

    If you bought one of these (and maybe even some matching engraved whiskey glasses), you would be the coolest groom ever to hold the title. The only way you could top that is by supplying some top-shelf whiskey to go along with it.

    The Leather Wallet

    Maybe your friends don’t drink, or you’re looking for something functional that they’ll use every single day. If you want to remind them of your fantastic wedding day every time they reach into their pocket, give them a customized leather wallet.

    custom wallet

    A personalized groomsman gift like this allows you to engrave their initials on the front and leave a custom message on the inside. You can remind them about something stupid they did in high school, motivate them to take on that new job offer, or tell them what an awesome friend they are for being a part of your wedding. 

    No matter how you approach the situation, a personalized leather wallet is one of the best groomsmen gifts you could buy.

    The Wooden Watch

    We don’t know what your customs are, but we suggest you design your entire tuxedo around these wooden watches. Imagine how swanky you and your groomsmen will look rocking these with your sweet tuxes.

    personalized wood watch

    If you’re looking for a gift that is truly timeless, these are definitely the way to go. They’re long-lasting and beautifully designed. When your pals open up the boxes and see their new watches inside, they are going to thank their lucky stars they accepted your groomsman proposal.

    Plus, like the leather wallet, it is not something that they'll stash away, never to be used again, they can continue to use it even after the wedding is long gone. Your groomsmen will have their initials and custom message around their wrist for years to come.

    The Grilling Tool Set

    We cannot think of a single man who does not enjoy grilling up a few steaks over a hot charcoal grill. Most sets come with everything from a grill brush to multiple spatulas and sauce brushes, so get your pals something that is practical and sure to be a hit with everyone.

    Plus, this gift gives them a built-in excuse to invite you over for burgers and beers.

    If you want to go the extra mile, you could even have them customized with his nickname. Grilling tools aren't likely to prove all that useful on your big day, but the guys will get years of good use out of them.

    The Cigar Box

    If liquor isn’t your thing, then cigars are sure to be a big hit with your guys.Engraved cigar boxes make great gifts because they serve a bunch of purposes. If you decide not to fill them with some nice cigars, you can throw in literally anything else, from socks, to bowties, cufflinks, maybe even a wallet orpersonalized pocket watch.

    custom cigar box

    A Cigar box is a rustic accessory and can be displayed proudly for the whole family to see.No matter what you store in it, a cigar box is a unique groomsmen gift idea and one that is sure to be a hit with your friends.

    The Bar Sign

    One of the staples of every home bar is a customized sign to hang front and center. Even if they don’t have a bar area, they’ll love to hang these up anywhere in their home. Customize it with their name and a style that represents their unique personality.

    So, if you have a groomsman who is a big Yankees fan, you can start with a "Yankee Fan's Only" theme.If he’s a hunter, or outdoorsman, you can go with a carved wooden model for that rustic feel. The great thing about bar signs is there are so many options you will surely find something that works for every one of your groomsmen.

    The Glass Hip Flask

    Some of the best wedding gifts for groomsmen are the ones they can also use on the big day. This little glass number is about as swanky as a personalized hip flask can get. It's the perfect way to store your booze on the go. Discreet, stylish and sealed with a cork stopper, it's an absolute must-have for every serious whiskey drinker.

    personalized flask

    The great thing about a this is that it’s apractical groomsmen gift. It's not just the groom that gets nervous on the wedding day. Your boys are on stage too, and will appreciate a little something to calm the nerves.


    Keep your friends in mind

    The last thing you want is to buy them something they either don’t like or don’t need. Even though a groomsmen gift doesn’t have to be something useful, you at least want it to be something they’ll be proud to display. It’s your wedding, and you want your friends to remember it just as well as you do.

    Don’t put it off

    Buying good groomsmen andbest man gifts seems like a no-brainer, so it’s something that often gets pushed to the side, but the trick is to get it done right away. Some grooms like to give their main gift right when they ask their friends to be groomsmen. Other grooms prefer to give two gifts. Either way, you don't want to put it off, as it's something that can easily get forgotten once you get caught up in all the pre-wedding mayhem.

    Add a personal touch

    Customized gifts are the smartest and most popular groomsmen gift ideas. A personalized present is something that will not get thrown to the side and forgotten about. Include their name, the date, and a custom message and your gift will show a ton of appreciation to them for being a part of your big day.

    Give Your Groomsmen Gifts that Show How Much You Appreciate Them

    Show your best friends how much you appreciate them for being a part of your big day. Give them something unique; something that they cannot go out and buy themselves.

    If you’re looking to get your groomsmen some gifts that will forever remind them of your friendship, explore some of our favoritemen’s products and accessories. Whether your best friends are into personalized leather wallets or whiskey decanters, our gifts are guaranteed to impress.

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