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11 Gifts for Cigar Smokers that Don’t Suck

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11 Gifts for Cigar Smokers that Don’t Suck

Your cigar aficionado deserves some serious cigar-themed gifts. But what can you buy someone who loves cigars besides, well, cigars?

Believe it or not, there are tons of accessories and products that go along with cigars that purveyors of fine tobacco will thoroughly enjoy—even the pickiest of the bunch.

Read on to learn about the popularity of cigars and what kinds of gifts you can invest in to put a smile on your loved one’s face for any occasion.


Top Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

Although the idea of smoking a cigar gives most of us a picture of our great-grandfather holed up in his private office with his older colleagues discussing stocks and business, cigars have become widely popular.

They are often used as nightcaps and for celebratory purposes, where you might find someone who’s never smoked a day in their life. However, many avid cigar smokers truly appreciate the finer details of the product.

Today, there is an approximate demand of 150 million cigars in the United States per year. It seems that younger men are starting to discover cigars, and previous cigar lovers are delving into a wider variety of brands and flavors.

In fact, it’s easier now than ever to hand roll your own cigars. Many people—men, in particular—view cigar smoking as a statement of enjoying life.

1. A Humidor

This is one of the first gifts that comes to mind. While they might already have one built to their specifications, it's worth investigating. 

These act as humidifiers that keep cigars fresh. They can range from the size of a cigar box to an entire room with a built-in hygrometer. It's a must-have cigar accessory for anyone who is serious about their stogies. 

2. Quality Cigar Ashtray

If you’re buying a gift for a cigar virtuoso, it’s highly likely that they already own an ashtray. In fact, they probably have several throughout their home or on their patios and decks. However, you can find a variety of styles and designs that may suit their tastes.

You can buy them a customized ashtray that has their initials engraved, or you can look for a funky shape that matches their home decor. There are also ashtrays that feature multiple cigar rests that are great for get-together and parties where several people will be enjoying cigars.

customized ashtray | Ashtray

Additionally, ashtrays can get old, dirty, and burned after a long period of use. A fresh, new ashtray may be the perfect gift. Pair it with a more basic gift like a stainless steel cigar cutter or cigar holder, and you've put together quite a nice gift set. 

3. Cigar Travel Case

Cigar-specific travel cases are great for those who are on the move a lot but still like to enjoy a smoke while on vacation. These cases come in many different styles, but they all have the same basic features.

Most cigar travel cases are about the size of a small, thick book and hold about four cigars in a closed-off compartment. There are also typically places to hold a cigar lighter, cutter or matches. Some cases feature slots for credit cards or I.D.s and places for travel paperwork.

cigar travel case | cigar case for travelers

All of this is enclosed in a secure case. You can find them in leather designs that give them a classy look and keep cigars from getting crushed in luggage.

4. Personalized Cigar Box

A cigar case or box is a must for any aficionado of cigar smoking. It holds the very item that ties the hobby together: the cigars. When it comes to this particular item, nothing is nicer than having a personalized cigar box.

With a variety of design options, you can have a cigar box customized for the cigar lover in your life with their initials or their last name. The elegant designs are etched into beautiful wooden boxes that secure with a brass clasp.

personalized wooden cigar box

Not only is this gift functional, but it serves as a decorative piece that would add class and sophistication to any office, living room, or bedroom. 

5. Cigar Tasting Notebook

An avid cigar smoker is like a beer enthusiast—they not only enjoy the action of smoking a cigar, but they love to try different kinds and discuss their thoughts with their friends. Cigar tasting notebooks are booklets that let you track the kinds of cigars you smoke and record their flavor.

notebook for cigar smokers

Gone are the days when a cigar lover smokes a cigar they love, yet can’t later remember which kind it was. Your loved one will forever have a record of the good, the bad, and the in-between. They will always have their favorites on hand and can easily lend advice to others. 

6. Whiskey Glasses

What goes with a cigar better than a stiff drink? Your cigar lover may have everything he could possibly need to complete his smoking set, so go with the other half of the nightcap and focus on the drinks.

There are tons of super nice whiskey glasses sets on the market. You can go simple with a set of two standard glasses, or you can look into getting customize glasses engraved with initials or names. Some whiskey glasses feature a small cutout on the side that is designed to let you hold your cigar against your glass.

whiskey glasses | a set of whiskey glasses

Add a couple of nice drink ware pieces to the bar or office to complete a cigar lover’s perfect Friday night with the boys. 

7. Cigar Sampler

At some points in life, it’s acceptable to go with the obvious gift. The one you’re buying for loves cigars, so why not give him what he loves? Find a variety box that showcases different kinds of cigars for him to try.

variety box for cigars | cigar box

You can purchase a premade box, or you can go to the store and pick out a few on your own and put them together. If you’re dealing with a serious cigar-lover, then you know they’ll be very exciting to try the kinds you’ve selected for them.

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up choosing their next favorite flavor.  

8. Customized Cigar Lighter

Matches are old school and sometimes difficult to use. Standard lighters work just fine, but where’s the fun in that? A serious cigar smoker needs the right equipment, and a solid, nice, even customized torch lighter is a great gift to give.

Since many cigar lovers like to show how much they enjoy life, it’s likely that they enjoy having nice things to use and show off. Along with their favorite cigars, their fancy cigar box, and their heavy drinks, they can pull out their shiny new lighter that boasts their initials.

customized lighter | lighter for cigar

Not only will it look great, but these kinds of lighter last much longer and work a lot better than the ones you can find at the drug store for a dollar. 

9. Cigar Magazine Subscription

There are a couple of different magazines out there that focus on the topic of cigar smoking and the lifestyle that generally encompasses it. If your cigar lover likes to smoke cigars, talk about cigars, and learn about cigars, there’s a very great chance they’ll love to read about cigars.

Cigar Magazine | Magazine for cigar smokers

Get them a year-long subscription to one of these magazines. With a new issue coming in the mail every month, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. They will enjoy receiving their new magazine monthly and keeping up with the cigar times.

10. Drink or Cigar Atlas

Cigars and drinks tend to go hand-in-hand, so you really can’t go wrong with an atlas of either one of these products. These books take you across the globe to discuss different kinds of beers or cigars. This can be the perfect way for your loved one to mark down cigars or beers they’d like to try while keeping track of the ones they have tried.

Drink or Cigar Atlas

Offering tons of information about cultures and flavors, your cigar lover will love learning about what’s out there and discussing it with his friends and colleagues. They’ll be impressed by his knowledge, and you’ll feel proud that you found him such an awesome gift.

11. Record Player

We’ve already come to recognize that smoking cigars can be viewed as old school. Luckily, old school has been making a comeback recently, so why not go with it? Get your cigar lover a classic record player along with a couple of his favorite albums on vinyl.

record player | Stylish music player

While he sits back and enjoys his scotch and cigar, he can play his favorite tunes on this classic machine. The old school feel will be all too real, and he’ll adore basking in the nostalgia of it all.

Cigar Gifts for the Ages

It tends to be true that cigar lovers are very particular in their tastes and styles. Most of them have an old soul and love the classic yet sheik products, designs, and décor. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find them the perfect gift.

Use our guide above to choose the perfect gift for any occasion for someone who loves cigars. If you’re still on the hunt, check out Swanky Badger for more beautiful, personalized gifts.   


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