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Why Use Natural Soap?

You’ve Been Misled

If you like to eat well, to exercise, and are generally conscious about living a healthy life, the one thing you may be overlooking is how you treat your skin. Believe it or not, using big-name body wash can be the equivalent of feeding fast food to your skin.

What most people don’t realize is that these body washes do not prioritize what is best for your skin. They prioritize finding cost effective chemical combinations that replicate the natural cleaning experience. 

FACT: Most big-name soap, isn’t even soap at all, it’s classified as synthetic detergent by the FDA. These detergents have little to no benefit to your skin, and can have negative effects on the environment.


Natural = Moisturizing

Glycerin is the natural moisturizer that develops in the soap-making process, and is the most beneficial element of soap when it comes to the health of your skin. Where Natural Soap retains its glycerin, to give a luscious moisturizing wash, big-brands strip this out of their products and replace it with synthetic lathering agents, creating an artificial lather, which dries out the skin.

This strips the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and ashy, ultimately giving you the opposite effect you get from natural soap. The big trick you’ve been sold is that you’re then put in a position where you have to buy moisturizer, which is made with, you guessed it, the glycerin they extract from their cleaning products.


Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Synthetic lathering agents aren’t the only chemicals you should be aware of. Commercial soaps contain other toxic chemicals such as surfactants, parabens, artificial coloring agents and dyes. These chemicals can be toxic for people as they are absorbed through your skin and can cause diseases in the long run. One toxic chemical in particular, triclosan, has been shown to disrupt hormones and damage the reproductive system.

Natural soap uses the best the earth has to offer, to nourish your skin and keep it healthy and hydrated. Our soap is GMO free, Cruelty Free and contains zero harsh chemicals. Compare our four primary ingredients below, to those of a leading body wash, and come to your own conclusions about what is best for your skin.



Sensitive Skin?

FACT: Some people who believe they have sensitive skin really don’t have sensitive skin at all. Their skin is simply reacting to a chemical irritant in their soap because it’s not natural. If you struggle to find a soap that doesn’t irritate your skin, switching to the daily use of a natural soap is a great place to start.

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