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23 Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2023 (And why they kill every time!)

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23 Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2023 (And why they kill every time!)

Groomsmen gifts are a tricky beast. Let’s face it, it’s probably the one time in your life you’re going to buy all of your buddies something cool that doesn’t flow out of a tap. Here are the two key ingredients for getting the best groomsmen gifts for your wedding party:

  1. Make it Personalized - There’s nothing cooler than receiving an unexpected gift that’s made just for you. Seeing their name or a personal message on an already awesome item makes for a special moment between you and your significant brother.
  2. Make it Enduring - If you’re going to give unique groomsmen gifts, make them something that your buddies can continue to use once the festivities have subsided.

Whatever your groomsmen are into, we have you covered. Here’s 23 of the best groomsmen gifts for 2023 and beyond:



- Whiskey Decanter Set


What’s awesome about it? - Let’s face it, it’s probably the classiest thing your groomsmen are ever going to own. It’s a home-bar staple, and chances are they don’t already have one. Engrave their name and birth year on it, and with each one coming in your choice of a super-swanky gift box or a wooden crate, it’s a home run every single time. 

Why will they love it? - Not only does it give them an absolutely stunning piece of custom glassware, but it also gives them an amazing excuse to go shopping for a killer bottle of scotch.It's a win-win!

Click Here to Shop Personalized Whiskey Decanters from $49.99 



- Leather Dopp Kit

What’s awesome about it? - It’s big, roomy, durable, and it’s something that literally every guy in the world needs. This is one they’re likely to hang onto for a lifetime. You can engrave their last name or initials into one of the three styles on offer, and you can be certain it will already be in use by the time they’re heading home from your wedding. 

Why will they love it?2022 is the year we’re all starting to travel again. Let’s face it, nobody hits a trip without one of these in their carry-on. This is most likely a serious upgrade on their current carry.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Dopp Kits from $69.99 

- Bartender Bottle Opener

What’s awesome about it? - First, it’s a great price-point for those on a tighter budget or with a gigantic wedding party. And also, if your dudes are more brew boys than whiskey sippers, it’s a great gift to have in abundance lying around the groom’s room. Shaped out of beech wood and stainless steel, it’s weighty and legitimately top quality.

Why will they love it? - Every dude needs a go-to bottle opener, and this is as good as it gets. Classy enough to be displayed on a home bar, and durable enough to make it through even the sloppiest of summer BBQs. It’s a perfect keepsake, and if you ever stop by their house you’re sure to see it again.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Bottle Openers from $19.99 



- Sandalwood Watch

What’s awesome about it? - It’s so stylish and original it will knock their damn socks off. Chances are your groomsmen have never even seen one of these before. Truly a beautiful and timeless gift with some amazing personalization options and presented in an elegant gift box.

Why will they love it? - There aren’t many things in the world that are crafted out of both cows and trees but this is one of them. It’s a real conversation piece,

Click Here to Shop Personalized Wooden Watches from $59.99



- Matte Black Steel Flask

What’s awesome about it? - This isn’t like that goofy tin piece of junk you got from Kyle’s wedding. You know the one, you squeeze it and it flexes in and out. Not this. Crafted from 304 Stainless Steel, with rounded edges and matte black finish, this is an heirloom bottle that will last a lifetime.

Why will they love it? - It’s the perfect on-the-day gift for your best dudes. They can fill up in the dressing room, slip it into their jacket and sip away in style as the day unfolds.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Hip Flasks from $29.99



- Super-Slim Front Pocket Wallet 

What’s awesome about it? - As wallets go, this slim cardholder is the safest bet for a wedding party. And it also happens to come at a really affordable price. Everyone has their wallet preferences, but even if you’re a classic bifold guy, there’s always a need to have a cardholder to fall back on. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans and tell me I’m wrong!

Why will they love it? - It’s a timeless wallet, with their name engraved into the leather. Looks and feels amazing, and it’s guaranteed to get a ton of use. What’s not to love?

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- Vintage Cuban Box

What’s awesome about it?First off, they definitely don’t have one of these! Not only are they a beautiful standalone piece, but they’re also highly functional as far as groomsmen gift ideas go. You can either fill it with a couple of nice stogies, OR you can add other wedding day items such as socks, tie clips, cufflinks, and even a hip flask.

Why will they love it? - It’s something that they’ll keep forever, whether they keep it stocked with cubans, fill it with keepsakes, or use it to hide their miniature figurine paint from people who actually have lives.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Boxes starting at $29.99



- Beer Glass Set

What’s awesome about it? - Bit of a silly question for this one. It’s a custom set of beer glasses - with your name laser-engraved on there for eternity. There ain’t much classier a gift for a bunch of beer lovers. Bust out the IPAs in style for the after-party. Comes in a set of 4, so there’s plenty to go round.

Why will they love it? - All of the above. Your boys will be over the moon to stack their cabinets with these personalized pint glasses after getting home from the wedding of the year. 

Click Here to Shop Personalized Pint Glasses from $49.99



- Leather Catchall Tray

What’s awesome about it? - This is the perfect gift for a guy who has everything. It’s best defined as a thing that holds all your stuff. Great for an entryway table to hold keys, shades and coins, or for a work-from-home desk to hold chargers, fidget spinners and guitar picks (I’m not very productive).

Why will they love it? - Pretty safe bet that none of your guys already has one of these, and all of them need one! And it’s another gift they’ll literally use every day and will be reminded on the regular how much better a groom you are than freakin Kyle and his goofy tin flasks and socks.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Catchall Trays from $39.99



- Birch Shaving Set

What’s awesome about it? - It’s a must-have item for any manly man, and one that few guys actually possess. Carved from solid birch and topped with genuine (sustainable) badger hair, this is a truly unique set that will blow their minds.

Why will they love it? - It’s about as one-of-a-kind as you can get when it comes to personalized gifts. They will feel the quality of it in the weight alone. Not for those on a tight budget, but great for smaller wedding parties.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Shave Sets from $129.99



- Glass Hip Flask

What’s awesome about it? - Gone is the day where you need to swig tin-flavored whiskey when you're out on the move. This little glass number is discreet, stylish and sealed with a cork stopper. It's an absolute must-have for every serious whiskey drinker.

Why will they love it? - You know, it's not just the groom that gets nervous on the big day. Your boys are on stage too, and will appreciate a little something to calm the nerves. And as the old saying goes, “Give a groomsman a fish and you feed him for a day. Give him a personalized Glass Hip Flask and he’ll probably think you’re awesome for a long long time.”

Click Here to Shop Personalized Glass Hip Flasks from $24.99



- Manly Soap Set

What’s awesome about it? - Not a personalized gift, but a super swanky option for a bunch of guys sick of getting socks and bowties that they’ll never wear again. This gift set comes with 6 different mega-manly scents from Citrus IPA to Northern Pine, made from natural ingredients ranging from walnut hull to malty beer. Guaranteed to blow their minds and freshen their nostrils. 

Why will they love it? - It’s definitely unlike anything they will have ever received as a groomsmen gift, and it’s a super practical option, that they will definitely use and appreciate. Especially if they’re still using the same body wash as when they got their first armpit hairs (very likely).

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- Leather Trifold

What’s awesome about it? - A leather wallet is a classy, high-quality accessory that they may actually keep in their pocket for the rest of their lives. And every time they pay for a round of drinks they’ll automatically be reminded how awesome you are. The coolest thing is the ability to engrave a personal message, quote, or inside joke into the inside of the wallet. 

Why will they love it? - It’s a leather wallet with their initials literally engraved into it. What’s not to love about it? The timeless look means that, no matter what their style, or lack thereof, it will fit perfectly.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Wallets from $39.99



- Stemless Wine Glasses 

What’s awesome about it? - A perfect option for wine-country weddings, or simply a more refined wedding party, these will add a classy touch to proceedings, and will likely show up in every dinner party you attend for the next ten years. This means you don’t just get props on the day, you get that afterglow affect every time Chad and Mrs. Chad ask you guys over for a boozy night in.

Why will they love it? - Who doesn’t need a sweet set of wine glasses for their bar setup? The stemless variety are hugely popular with the youngsters and oldsters alike, and will make a great addition to their home.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Wine Glasses from $49.99



- Cufflink & Tie-Bar Set

What’s awesome about it? - Subtle and classy, yet eye-catching enough to make you look twice. Nothing adds a bit more pop to a formal wedding get-up than a monogrammed zebrawood cufflink set. Great price point for a larger wedding party, and sure to induce major oohs and aahs from the recipients.

Why will they love it? - Most people who have and use cufflinks, even just on rare occasions, possess just one set, that they probably inherited from their dad, who inherited them from his dad. And they probably cost $4. Having a sweet custom set in the closet is always a boss move.

Click Here to Shop Cufflink Sets from $29.99




- Men's Essentials Kit

What’s awesome about it? - If there was one groomsmen gift you wanted in your back pocket on a desert island it would be this. Essentials for good reason. This set comes with an 11-function multi-tool, which can do everything but the dishes, a genuine leather key-hook, and a stylish beer koozie. Another exception to the “personalized” rule, but so practical it’s hard to overlook, and majorly cost-effective.

Why will they love it? - Two items that they’re literally going to carry every day of their lives, and one that should get more use than 99% of the items they currently own. It’s hard to see anyone not digging this set.

Click Here to Shop Essentials from $14.99



- Appreciation Box

What’s awesome about it? - The most personal of all personalized gifts, an Appreciation Box allows you to truly and honestly express to your guys just how much it means to you that they’re going to stand next to you on your big major. Major sentimental points and man-hugs come with this one. Along with some cool personalized swag.

Why will they love it? - For most guys, it’s pretty rare to share deep feelings, and even more rare to etch them permanently in wood. And that’s what makes this gift so special to the recipient. Brace yourself for waterworks. 

Click Here to Shop Appreciation Boxes from $89.99



- Whiskey Glasses

What’s awesome about it? - Super cost-effective option that come across way more expensive than they actually are. This is a great way to punch above your financial weight, especially if you’ve got a big wedding party to cater to. Comes in a set of 2 glasses, and another great option that can be used by everyone on the big day.

Why will they love it? - Who doesn’t want to have their own custom rocks glasses? Easy to transport home for the out-of-towners, and sure to get used at least once a week, if they know what’s good for them. There’s nothing like sipping bourbon out of your own custom clinkers.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Whiskey Glasses from $27.99



- Pocket Journal

What’s awesome about it? - One for the more academic among us, or even just those who are serial learners and note-takers. A personalized pocket journal is a super-handy sidekick for a guy who is always on the go, or for those who are constantly thinking, plotting, planning, pondering.

Why will they love it? - It looks way classy, fits in your pocket, has room in the back for business or credit cards, has a neat little clasp on it to keep it shut, and has refillable notebooks. It’s a tiny powerhouse of a gift, with a million different uses. 

Click Here to Shop Personalized Journals from $39.99



- Ebony Wood Watch


What’s awesome about it? - This is about the classiest kind of watch you can give your guys. Made from ebony wood, with black wooden frame and links, it’s a great watch for both formal and informal events, and can be personalized in any number of ways. A guaranteed smash hit with your significant brothers.

Why will they love it? - It’s probably the most unique gift on the list and one that can be handed down for multiple generations if they look after it.

Click Here to Shop Ebony Watches from $69.99



- Money Clip Wallet

What’s awesome about it? - Men love cash. It’s just a fact. Meat, booze …cash. The best thing about this wallet is that it’s super low-profile, but contains a super-strong magnetic money clip that can hold a fat wad of cash. Engrave their name or initials in the corner and watch their eyes light up when they open that box. 

Why will they love it? - Other than the fact that it’s got their name on it, and it looks and feels like an uber-premium gift, it’s another gift that they’re probably going to use every day moving forward. Or at the very least will bust it out as their go-to for specific occasions. Definitely a safe bet for any large group.

Click Here to Shop Personalized Money Clips from $39.99


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