Hey there groomie...

You’ve probably been so busy getting ready for marriage, that it’s possible you forgot about a mega-important holiday.

Mother’s Day.

Your mom is probably already experiencing a tough time because she has to see her precious son get hitched, and will no longer be the most important woman in your life.

Don’t make it worse by f*$%ing up her special day...

If you’re struggling with ways to make sure that this is the Mother’s Day she never forgets, just remember the three F’s.

And no, I’m not talking swear words.


First F – Food

Your mom has made you literally thousands of meals over the course of your life. It’s time that you return the favor.

Because you’re not a kid anymore, we’re going to skip over the breakfast in bed thing, and trade it for what moms actually want.


Yeah, pick one of those fancy places you’ve never been, and take your mom. She’ll love it.

If in the one in a million chance she’s not really the brunching type, luckily you still have two other meal times to try and figure something out.

And for the love of all things precious, do NOT forget to make reservations and make your mom wait 2 hours for a table. #hangry

If you have killer culinary skills, cook her a meal yourself. If you can only make Ramen, stick with the reservation route mentioned above.


Second F – Flowers


I probably don’t even need to say anything here. But I will.

Don’t be that guy that waits until the morning of to buy flowers. It’ll be slim pickings and if you DO find anything, they’ll be wilted and sad.

If you’re short on time or if your mom lives out of town, get them delivered. My advice, opt for delivery the day before mother’s day to guarantee delivery and give your mom a nice surprise.


Third F – Favors (aka gifts)

I know that favor is a weird way to say gift, but I needed another F word.

Anyways, go get your mom a gift.

I’m not going to make any particular suggestions here, other than get something that fits YOUR mom.

If you don’t know what that is, there are about a hundred billion articles out right now with gift ideas for mom. Do some Googling and find something that will make your mom feel extra special.


And there you have it!

Remember the three F’s, and give your mum the Mother’s Day she truly deserves.

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  • Michelle Berry

    LOVED this blog post!!! Some blogs are hard to read straight through without losing interest! Not this one! Loved how relevant you made this!!

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