TOP 5 GROOMSMEN GIFTS </span></p> (and why they KILL IT every single time)


(and why they KILL IT every single time)

Groomsmen gifts are a tricky beast. Let’s face it, it’s probably the one time in your life you’re going to buy all of your buddies something cool that doesn’t flow out of a tap. There are a lot of factors to consider but, for us, there are two key ingredients:

  1. Make it Personalized - There’s nothing cooler than receiving an unexpected gift that’s made just for you. Seeing their name or a personal message on an already awesome item makes for a special moment between you and your significant brother. 
  2. Make it Enduring - If you’re going to give unique groomsmen gifts, try to make them something that your buddies can continue to use once the festivities have subsided. Give them a pair of socks that match your wedding theme, and it will be cool for a couple of hours, but give them something they’re able to keep using, and it’ll be cool for years to come.

So here’s a quick guide to five great choices: 

1 - The Whiskey Decanter

What’s awesome about it? - Let’s face it, it’s probably the classiest thing your groomsmen are ever going to own. It’s a home-bar staple for any aspiring man of distinction, and chances are they don’t already have one. Engrave they’re name and birth year on it, and with each one coming in a super-swanky gift box, it’s a home run every single time. You can also get them matching glasses if you want to make the splurge.

Why will they love it? - Not only does it give them an absolutely stunning piece of custom glassware, but it also gives them an amazing excuse to go shopping for a killer bottle of scotch. It's a win win!

Price - from $44.99 (Shop Here)


2 - The Wooden Watch

What’s awesome about it? - It’s so stylish and original it will knock their damn socks off. Chances are your groomsmen have never even seen one of these before. Chances are they had absolutely no idea you could make a watch out of wood! Truly a beautiful and timeless gift with some amazing personalization options and presented in a sexy gift box. 

Why will they love it? - There aren’t many things in the world that are crafted out of both cows and trees but this is one of them. It’s a real conversation piece, but be warned, it can get you in big trouble with both vegetarians and hippies if you’re not careful.

Price - from $59.99 (Shop Here)


3 - The Cigar Box

What’s awesome about it? - Ok, they definitely don’t have one of these! Cigar boxes are a great groomsmen gift because, not only are they a beautiful standalone piece, but they’re also multi-functional. You can either fill it with a couple of nice cigars, OR you can add other wedding day items such as socks, ties, cufflinks …hip flasks ;)

Why will they love it? - It’s something that they’ll keep forever, whether they keep it stocked with cigars, fill it with keepsakes, or use it to hide their miniature figurine paint from people who actually have lives. 

Price - $29.99 (Shop Here)


4 - The Leather Wallet

What’s awesome about it? - It’s a super-classy looking accessory that they may actually keep in their pocket for the rest of their lives. And every time they pay for a round of drinks they’ll automatically be reminded how awesome you are. The coolest thing is the ability to engrave a personal message into the inside of the wallet. The outside is so cool that you can literally write anything on the inside (we encourage you to be as embarrassing and derogatory as possible) and they’re still going to use it everyday!

Why will they love it? - It’s a leather wallet with their initials literally engraved into it. What’s not to love about it? The timeless look means that, no matter what their style, or lack thereof, it will fit perfectly. 

Price - from $39.99 (Shop Here)


5 - The Glass Hip Flask

What’s awesome about it? - Hallelujah! Gone is the day where you need to swig tin-flavored whiskey when you're out on the move. This little glass number is about as swanky as a hip flask can get. It's the perfect way to store your booze on the go. Discreet, stylish and sealed with a cork stopper, it's an absolute must-have for every serious whiskey drinker.

Why will they love it? - You know, it's not just the groom that gets nervous on the big day. Your boys are on stage too, and will appreciate a little something to calm the nerves. That's the best thing about handing out these discreet little back-pocket boosters. And as the old saying goes, “Give a groomsman a fish and you feed him for a day. Give him a personalized glass Hip Flask and he’ll probably think you’re awesome for a long-ass time.”

Price - $22.99 (Shop Here)


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